Brake System

Safe and superior braking on every road - RIDEX brake parts are made of abrasive resistant high-grade metals and work steadfast under wide range of climate conditions.

RIDEX Brake discs and brake pads

Efficient fuel consumption while maintaining high torque - RIDEX engine parts guarantee reliable, stable and coherent operation of your car's motor.

Filter systems, water pumps, sensors, belts, spark plugs

Manufactured by OEM standards - RIDEX parts ensure safety and comfort while driving. Metal components are resistant to mechanical loads and corrosion, while rubber parts keep elasticity at high and low temperatures.

RIDEX suspension parts

Excellent road control qualities and manoeuvrability of your vehicle - RIDEX steering parts made of high-strength alloys and top-grade rubber providing long lasting performance on roads of various types.

Steering, steering rods, tie rod heads

Superb cleaning and air permeability - RIDEX air and cabin filters are manufactured with top quality resilient materials, including active carbon, while oil and fuel filters guarantee stable and long lasting engine performance.

air filters, cabin filters, fuel filters, oil filters

Full control over vehicle essential systems - RIDEX sensors deliver precise measurements even in extreme conditions guaranteeing smooth and efficient operation.

Sensors for Automotive Applications
Window Systems

High efficiency and reliability. Each component of this unit is a heavy-duty fixture resistant to aggressive environment. Efficient and noiseless operation. Great performance over a long period of time.

wiper blades, wiper motors, window lifters and washer fluid tanks
Cooling, Ventilation

RIDEX cooling and ventilation related parts ensure you feel comfortable inside your vehicle even in the most adverse weather conditions.

interior blowers, A/C condensers, A/C compressors, cabin filters
Belts, Tensioners

Wear and high temperature resistance materials, as well as an OEM matched design of RIDEX tensioners and pulleys prevent vibration and belt damage, which is crucial for stable engine operation.

drivetrain components, belts, rollers, tensioners, pulleys