At RIDEX we pride ourselves with providing high quality personalized auto parts tailored to each individual’s needs at a favorable cost. We not only believe in offering the most efficient and technologically advanced auto parts, but we ensure customer comfort and safety as our top priority. The paradigm of leadership we have put forward has been exemplified by the trust we have gained of thousands of car owners throughout Europe.

Why choose RIDEX?

Given our expertise in Auto parts, we know exactly what every car owner needs. We have carefully prepared a versatile range of car parts, allowing for RIDEX to offer the lowest cost at the best value to our customers.

The products manufactured by RIDEX are made exclusively from premium materials. This enables us to manufacture car parts that offer high resistance to mechanical and thermal loads.

Advanced technology and high-precision equipment used at RIDEX factories ensure a faultless quality of parts of any manufacturing complexity, and prevent the possibility of manufacturing defects.

The main warehouse is located in Germany, the heart of Europe. A favorable location allowing for decreased delivery time and a considerable reduction in transportation expenses. In addition, due to total warehouse automation and a voluminous inventory, the order processing is highly efficient and is completed in a timely manner.

Rather than spending money on over-priced traditional marketing which in return drive up customer costs. RIDEX utilizes new promotion and sales technology, thus we save on marketing expenses, and you save on product prices!

RIDEX: Low cost and durable car parts, available to everyone.