Belts, Tensioners
drivetrain components, belts, rollers, tensioners, pulleys

RIDEX belts, pulleys, tensioners: A guaranteed safe drive.

RIDEX drivetrain components are noticeable for their extensive durability and premium quality. In addition to our renowned quality, RIDEX parts are strictly compatible with original equipment and have surpassed all original equipment specifications.

What products do we manufacture?

  • RIDEX belts. Our belts are comprised of industrial strength premium quality rubber, enabling resilience to extreme loads. They are enhanced with a rich fiber texture resulting in an efficient reduction of vibration. Our highly durable cord threads provide our belts with adequate stiffness, preventing overstretching and laxity over time.
  • RIDEX belt rollers and tensioners. These components are manufactured from highly durable material resistant to abrasive wear. The tensioner secures the belt in place while the vehicle is in use. Our tensioners include springs and bearings designed for noiseless performance and a long service life. Our rollers and tensioners are properly polished ensuring the belts will not be damaged. Within our catalog you will find rollers for valve trains, V-belts and serpentine belts as well as other units of interest.
  • RIDEX pulleys. Our pulleys provide the driver and passengers with a noiseless and smooth ride. The associated parts contain superior dampening properties, protecting the crankshaft and belts from premature wear.