Brake System
RIDEX Brake discs and brake pads

RIDEX Brakes System: Premium quality, available to all!

RIDEX has designed both a durable and technologically advanced brake system at an affordable cost. We ensure that every car owner within Europe can enjoy safe and efficient drive in any weather condition and road quality.

RIDEX Brake System: cost-efficient and safe

RIDEX brake systems, endure vigorous and complex safety tests ensuring safe and maximum reliability of our auto parts.

An excellent combination of premium-quality materials, high-tech production and modern design guarantees our brakes systems are resistant to both thermal and mechanical loads, even under the most extreme of conditions.

RIDEX brake system components are under universal compliance with OE-Standard. Given our universal design our brake systems are 100% compatible with car components of various brands.

RIDEX brakes are your confidence on the road.