Cooling, Ventilation
interior blowers, A/C condensers, A/C compressors, cabin filters

RIDEX ventilation and cooling system maintains a fresh interior environment.

RIDEX utilizes both premium raw materials and innovative technology in the manufacturing of all of our auto parts. Our products offer the advantage of both reduced size and weight of our ventilation and cooling system parts, in addition to their increase in strength and resistance.

Why buying RIDEX ventilation and cooling system components are advantageous:

  • RIDEX interior blowers are manufactured from high-quality polymer materials. Our Vanes are manufactured with such precision allowing for an almost inaudible operation of our parts. They can be paired with a resistor, which prevents damage to the electronic components at the fan operation start.
  • RIDEX A/C condensers are manufactured with material resistant to the effects of both high pressure and corrosion. The shallow thickness of our cooling ducts allows for a more efficient and enhanced heat exchange process. The intricate design of our condenser’s decreases the stress load on the compressor as well as fuel consumption.
  • RIDEX A/C compressors are noted for their excellent performance and decreased energy consumption. The sealing components are produced from resilient materials, which prevent erosion when exposed to aggressive chemicals. Our lubricants prevent an accelerated wear of moveable parts, which allow our products to maintain their original properties under extreme ranges of temperature.
  • RIDEX cabin filters ensure top quality air purification, providing an interior atmosphere free from dirt, common allergens, gases, and bacteria. Our filter element is equipped with a multilayer structure for efficient odor absorption and ensures the long lasting functional use of our product.