Filter systems, water pumps, sensors, belts, spark plugs

RIDEX engine components: stable dynamics

RIDEX utilizes the most current technology and material while manufacturing premium engine parts, enhancing the performance of the most significant vehicle system. Our engine parts provide your vehicle with low fuel consumption and superior engine dynamics in addition to high performance and stability of your engine.

Advantages of RIDEX engine parts:

  • Our engine mounts and brackets significantly dampen vibrations during engine operation.
  • Usage of RIDEX oil, air and fuel filters prevents the accumulation of impurities and therefore extends its service life.
  • RIDEX water pumps prevent the engine from overheating, allowing for the maintenance of optimum internal temperature conditions. Due to the significance of the engine cooling systems, all of our water pumps undergo strict quality control.
  • RIDEX advanced sensors and valves ensure high engine efficiency. They control the air recirculation process, enhance the combustion quality, and increase the power unit capacity and thus overall engine performance.
  • RIDEX belts are resistant to abrasive wear, the impacts of temperature, moisture and lubricants.
  • RIDEX ignition system components provide a fast car start, smooth engine functioning, as well as fuel efficiency.

All RIDEX engine parts are covered by a three-year warranty.