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RIDEX car filters – A Guaranteed thorough cleaning!

Our Durable filters protect both the engine system and car interior against contamination. We guarantee excellent quality and long-term service life, and therefore, RIDEX provides a three-year warranty on all vehicle filters.

Types of RIDEX car filters:

  • RIDEX air filters have high purifying performance, while retaining perfect throughput capacity. This enhances the combustion quality allowing for a reduction in fuel consumption.
  • RIDEX cabin filters trap hazardous particles found within the air. In addition, they reduce the load on car heating and ventilation systems, prevent window misting and optimize the air circulation in the passenger compartment.
  • RIDEX fuel filters scavenge even the finest of particles, considerably extending the service life of the fuel supply system and the power unit.
  • RIDEX oil filters are designed for fine filtration of impurities and contaminants, while maintaining low hydraulic resistance. Ingenious design and robust metal housing of RIDEX oil filters ensure resistance to external mechanical influences and oil pressure changes in the system.