Sensors for Automotive Applications

RIDEX Sensors: ultimate precision and reliable control

RIDEX car sensors ensure a comfortable and safe drive by efficiently monitoring the performance of vital Auto systems. We use only the most advanced technology and newest equipment in the manufacturing of our sensors. All RIDEX products are subjected to strict quality control at every stage of the production process: From the selection of raw materials to final product testing.

We are continuously expanding our selection of car sensors to meet our customers’ needs.

RIDEX offers a versatile selection of car sensors:

  1. RIDEX oxygen sensors. Our oxygen sensors are produced from materials resistant to both vibration and high temperature conditions. They deliver high accuracy oxygen measurements and guarantee stable engine performance. In addition, our oxygen sensors decrease both fuel consumption, as well as harmful emissions.
  2. RIDEX airflow mass sensors. RIDEX airflow mass sensors are both compact and lightweight. The unique design of our bypass channels together with our special coating, prevent the contamination of sensor components.
  3. RIDEX throttle position sensors. These sensors offer efficient operation during vigorous driving conditions. These are featured by high response speeds and ensure your engine is receiving the proper ratio of both fuel and air.
  4. RIDEX coolant temperature sensors. RIDEX coolant temperature sensors are intended for a wide range of temperatures. Our sensors also offer resistance to corrosion, which prolong the life span of this product.
  5. RIDEX brake pad wear sensors. Electronic sensor cores are produced from soft metals, which prevent damage to the disk in the event of maximum brake pad wear. The connectors and wires offer superior durability.
  6. RIDEX knock sensors. RIDEX knock sensors are highly resistant to both heat and voltage. They have optimal resonant frequency and conversion ratio indicators. These sensors adequately protect engine components from damage resulting from detonation in the combustion chambers.
  7. RIDEX crankshaft and camshaft position sensors. RIDEX position sensors guarantee enhanced durability, protecting the internal components from damage. A flexible sealing ring firmly seals the part connection with the engine block and prevents oil leakage.
  8. RIDEX boost pressure sensors. RIDEX boost pressure sensors have excellent resistance to the impact of both heat and vibration. This feature further enhances the service life of our product.
  9. RIDEX wheel speed sensors. RIDEX wheel speed sensors offer efficient performance and successfully operate even under extreme weather conditions. They have a special corrosion preventing coating prolonging the life span of our product.