Steering, steering rods, tie rod heads

RIDEX steering components

RIDEX steering system elements are an intricate balance of premium quality at an affordable price. We use the newest technology and top quality raw materials in the manufacturing process. All RIDEX car parts are guaranteed with a three-year warranty, ensuring our excellent reliability.

Here is why you should choose RIDEX steering components:

  • RIDEX steering rods and rod ends are produced from specialized alloy, which are for optimized of heavy mechanical loads. They are resistant to abrasion, thus having a long lasting service life.
  • Metal elements undergo thermal treatment, which significantly enhances the load-bearing capacity and durability.
  • A special coating ensures long-term part protection against corrosion.
  • RIDEX rubber sleeves maintain their operational characteristics irrespective of ambient temperature. Joints are thoroughly protected against the destructive influence of moisture and dirt. They securely retain lubrication, preventing premature wear and tear of surfaces in contact.
  • RIDEX steering system elements typically come fitted with fastening elements, which enables simple installation.
  • In the manufacturing of RIDEX steering components, all elements are thoroughly matched. This promotes stability and allows for better control of the vehicle, and ensures a swift response to the driver’s command.
  • High performance lubricants are used in the design of bearing units ensuring the most effective sliding of movable components during the entire useful life of our parts. A great advantage to the reduction of the friction coefficient of our joints is a guaranteed quiet and smooth ride.