RIDEX suspension parts

RIDEX suspension parts: Feel secure

RIDEX suspension components ensure a perfect steering response and maneuverability, as well as the vehicle occupants’ comfort and safety. Premium raw materials, state of the art equipment and innovative technology are used exclusively in the production of our suspension elements.

Major benefits of RIDEX suspension parts:

  • Strength. All RIDEX suspension components, including arms, are produced from premium quality steel and aluminum, which resist high mechanical stress.
  • Corrosion resistance. We use a specialized coating, which provides metal components with resistance to moisture and salt exposure.
  • Wear resistance. We have managed to reduce the friction coefficient between surfaces of movable parts by the use of top quality lubricants which preserve viscosity at both high and low temperatures. Thoroughly polished surfaces of pivot joints also contribute to perfect sliding. This has extended the useful life of RIDEX bearings and ball joints.
  • Construction accuracy. The size and shape of RIDEX suspension components are a suitable replacement for any original equipment. Our versatile product assures a problem-free experience during the mounting process, as well as the life span of our parts.
  • Flexibility. During the manufacturing of RIDEX flexible components, premium quality rubber is used along with modern elastomers which maintain their functionality at any range of extreme conditions: High or low environmental temperature, exposure to aggressive chemicals, etc.
  • Brilliant damping properties. RIDEX suspension elements, such as springs, rods, bump stops and bushes, guarantees a significant reduction in vibration, ensuring a smooth and soft ride.