Window Systems
wiper blades, wiper motors, window lifters and washer fluid tanks

The RIDEX glass cleaning system: Perfect visibility in all weather conditions

RIDEX window system parts are an excellent alternative to common over-priced original parts. We guarantee a thorough operation of your vehicle windows, while maintaining the advantage of receiving a top quality product at a budget-friendly price.

RIDEX manufactures the following window system components: wiper blades, wiper motors, window lifters and washer fluid tanks.

Three major advantages of RIDEX window system parts:

  • Outstanding performance. RIDEX wiper and window motors are noted for their enhanced power capacity and premium level of performance. They are resilient to increased loads during their intensive operation in heavy rain or wet snow.
  • Acoustic comfort. Our parts offer a nearly noiseless operation, given the meticulous design and manufacturing precision of our parts.
  • Reliability. RIDEX utilizes premium quality materials and are notable for their resilience and mechanical stability given exposure to a variety of offensive environmental conditions. Our rubber elements are crack-resistant and with the usage of our lubricants our products retain their innate properties in the most extreme of temperatures. This provides the best friction coefficient of contact surfaces over the estimated useful lifespan of our parts.